Session 2 – Wed 26th March

28 03 2008

Some pretty good shots. Here’s a rough edit.

The objective is first to see if we have enough footage to tell the story adequately. If not we’ll have to shoot more.

I’ve done a rough audio mix – at this stage it’s just a test for levels. When we get to the editing stage proper, we’ll need to look at making it more realistic – the music track sounds too “clean” and studio-like to be believable, particularly when the action shifts out of doors. As well as dropping the volume, we’ll need to shave the upper frequencies to give it a muffled sound. In the dialogue sections, Liam , having a deeper voice will need to be boosted to give his lines more definition.

The lighting is quite dramatic and works well in the context, still a bit of fine tuning needed on this as well. There’s also other visual effects we can look at to improve the audience’s perception of the club environment.

Leave comments on this post with your ideas so I have an idea of where you want to take this.

Next Week

As you know, I’m off to sunny Wales next week. I’ve left the kit with Susan so you can shoot the cafe sequences at Comm Ed. Some things to bear in mind.

1. Light – More is better, you may need to work with natural light coming in the window, so position the actors and the camera appropriately.

2. Get close, and on a level with the subjects.

3.  Shoot the same scene from several viewpoints.

4. Speak up!

Design a situation that allows Hayley and Chloe to be alone for their “confab” i.e. a realistic excuse for Diane and Kelly to leave them by themselves.

Any problems you run into that you need advice for, Susan has my mobile number. Failing that I’ll see you on the 9th. Good Luck!

Session 1 – Wed 12th March

18 03 2008

Welcome to the weblog for this project. I’ll develop it as we go.

As much of the post production will take place after our sessions, I’ll use this blog to let you see the results, and post comments during the week.


Just to get you used to using the kit – here’s a cut down version.

Scene: Chloe and Hayley

I’ve edited bits of the three takes together to give you an idea of what we can do.

Take 1: Both together

Take 2: Hayley solo

Take 3: Chloe solo

The objective is to simulate a continuous conversation.

PS: Chloe – follow this link for info on Godfather continuity errors

PPS: Remember to bring any costume/make up/props etc for next week